The Girl Next Door 4
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    Even Dong-ho, who got his dream home, went to the next generation and decided to eat every day with ramen. Dong-ho, who insisted on his own home, has one romance It's a college day, every day, I enjoy changing this woman I wanted to try my friend Sung Joon's section stripe. But I realized lately that I didn’t even have a woman The door to the next door opened when I was in the dark, and I picked up the collection bag. After discovering an attractive woman (So-hee), she becomes fascinated. Dong-ho decided to go out with her in a month, He's usually a timid personality, but he's a little dashing, but he doesn't give a glance and treats him coldly... Dong-ho, whose self-esteem is deprived, calls a business trip massage that Sung Joon gave I'm having a fascinating night with Mina, the sexy massage girl who came home... Then I heard the voice of the girl next door knocking on Dong-ho's door. Can Dong-ho get a girl next door?

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